Hello, My name is Nadja Pohl. I’ve been cooking for 14 years. I will share my special recipes and cooking tips with you.


An Italian friend of mine came from Sicily. As a host, I cooked the food for him several times and, inspired by his taste, began to return.

At the time, NeuRezept was neither on the lips nor in the head. We used words like ‘mix’ and ‘sauce’, not ‘begin’ and ‘success’. Then I noticed something – a passion for food, a basic ingredient in all the good times. The food makes us happy and we like to share this joy with the people around us.


We have started to pay more attention to the world of social nutrition. My friend worked on hospitality, so she looked at all the problems people have in restaurants: overcrowding; long waiting times; Group booking difficulties and additional fees; bad food for children and seniors. And before you even think about these foods.

We choose from a menu in restaurants. I can’t talk to the chef in advance about our favorite dishes or the ingredients we imagine. Our selection is limited. In many cases the food was expensive and inconsistent. If we have a bad experience in our favorite place, we say: “You must have changed the chief! Ama, but we don’t know. “


We decided to speak to the chefs because we wanted to know how they feel in their industry. The answer was an eye opener. Many cooks have told us that the current model is far from perfect. Cooks and staff are often overwhelmed and under stressed. You are unhappy, which means that your food is prepared without love!

What do the cooks want? They want to cook for people who appreciate their art and passion. They want to see the smile that puts their food on their faces. They don’t want to hide in the kitchen, but want to create, interact and exchange information.

At that time, the first NeuRezept seeds were planted …


We all have one thing in the new recipe: we like good food. But of course building an amazing new business requires more than a common interest! How did we get to our current location? How many great ideas started out small.

Our philosophy is to reconnect the world by empowering simple, local chefs to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience that spreads our love of cooking.