Spaghetti Torte mit Hackfleisch – das perfekte Familienessen

Spaghetti Torte

Russia, which has come together for centuries with the interaction of different cultures, has reflected this accumulation on their dishes. Here are the 7 most delicious dishes of Russian cuisine …
It includes many dishes of Russian cuisine with its seafood dishes that are consumed from breakfast to dinner, a thousand kinds of herbs and spices with its delicious scents and flavors, sauces that make the dishes completely different. Here are 7 flavors you need to taste in Russian cuisine:


Composed of thinly cut veal steak with finger thickness, mushroom, onion and garlic, the afrostrogonof is one of the most important main dishes of Russian cuisine. You should definitely try the food that reaches a great flavor with the mustard and mustard in it.

Borso Soup

The borscht soup, where beet is used as the main ingredient, is appetizing not only with its taste but also with its red color. The flavor prepared with meat or chicken broth also includes vegetables such as cabbage, carrots and celery. The soup, which is drunk for the purpose of healing, is served with the sour cream sauce of the Russians.


The most cooked pastry of Russian cuisine known as Russian pastry, piroşki is usually prepared with minced meat or beef. Food with a texture consisting of a mixture of pastry and pastry dough is quite satisfying and delicious.

Chocolate Mereng

Mereng, which is formed by turning egg white into a snow and cooking, and reminiscent of the cloth, becomes an exquisite dessert when combined with the chocolate sauce placed on it.


Pelmeni, which we can define as Russian ravioli, is actually prepared with the classical ravioli cooking technique. However, the dough opens thinner than other ravioli. It is served with sauces such as ketchup and mayonnaise, made with minced salt and mortar. Sweet pelmens filled with marmalade are consumed with powdered sugar.

Zakuski Wed

Actually, zakuski Çar, an appetizer plate that contains many flavors, is an option where you can taste the famous appetizers of the Russians together. The plate, which contains many appetizers, from Russian salad to caviar solid egg, fish roe shrimp and capers roll salmon, and slotka to comb, is served with toast.


The only difference that Russians distinguish from what we can call pancakes or crepes is that they make it a little more fluffy and fluffy with baking soda or yeast. Blini consumed with various marmalades and sauces is a very practical food for breakfast tables and five teas.

The food culture of Russia has many incredibly rich varieties. Thanks to the abundance of lakes and rivers, seafood can be encountered frequently on the tables. The Russians, who turn the dishes into unique tastes with the sauces used, are also famous for their famous drinks vodka. Caviar is one of the indispensable tastes for the Russians, which adds itself to the culture of the nations it hosts as well as the Slavic food culture.

Russians, who are not so much with desserts, have numerous options in soup. Many flavors are waiting for you in the kitchen of Russia, where everyone can find something according to their taste.

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